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Participate in the Hammocks Beach State Park mainland master plan survey now!


And, attend the Master Plan Open House on September 29, 2016 from 4 PM to 7 PM at the Hammocks Beach State Park Visitor Center

The Division of Parks and Recreation has hired Sage Design of Wilmington, NC to develop a master plan for the Hammocks Beach State Park mainland acquisition

The Division of Parks and Recreation's mission will help guide the planning process; this mission is based on three foundational goals: protection through conservation, provide for recreation, and encourage education through diverse opportunities. These concepts will be incorporated in this process which will take place from August 2016 into the Spring of 2017. We are excited to discover and explore the ideas and concepts that will shape the mainland area of Hammocks Beach State Park.

We encourage everyone to get involved and join the conversation over the next few months as we explore the possibilities!
Participate Now:
Please take a moment to tell us your ideas and vision for the Hammocks Beach State Mainland Area. Click the link below for a brief survey to help us with the planning process.    Survey

September 29, 2016
4pm-7pm, Visitor Center (Please drop-in at your convenience during these open house hours)
Anticipated Meeting Timeline 
Sage Design – Collecting Site Inventory Information – July – September 2016
1st Public Meeting – September 29th from 4-7pm -  Seeking input and Ideas
Sage Design – Synthesis of all information gathered to date and development of a Draft Planning Document
2nd Public Meeting – Jan- Feb 2017 Presentation of Draft Program and Ideas, seeking additional input
Sage Design – Synthesis of all information and development of a Final Planning Document
3rd Public Meeting – March – April 2017 Presentation of Final Recommendations and Plan

Meet the Planners – Sage Design  http://www.sagedesign.us

Sage Design – Sara Burroughs
Division of Parks and Recreation Project Manager - Karen Creech

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